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Return To The ’80s Podcast

EPISODE 19: RUBIX KUBE/TRIXTER “This was absolute blast interviewing my favorite band – Rubix Kube. Two of the members of Rubix Kube is also 1/2 of Trixter. So, here are 2 interviews in 1 episode!” To read the entire article click HERE.

The Fordham Observer

Eighties Cover Band Rubix Kube Transports and Transforms “The musicians of Rubix Kube have already launched into a punching rock progression on stage, while frontwoman Cherie Martorana Neve pulls on a pair of mixed print stiletto boots over her sequined leg warmers in the wings. She hypes up the crowd as she puts the finishing […]

Power Chords Podcast

Rubix Kube is a Celebration of Music’s Greatest Decade “If you’ve listen to the Power Chords podcast, you know that I m a diehard ’80s music fan. And not just rock and metal, either–I love all ’80s music. Lucky for me, there is a bad out there making sure the legacy of music’s greatest decade lives on–Rubix […]

Slice Of MIT

Reliving the ’80s on Stage “During the week, Michael Pieck ’92 appears to live a conventional life—a 25-year career at Goldman Sachs with evenings spent shepherding his two young daughters to their activities—but on the weekend, he gets on stage, puts on a wig and leopard-print pants, and relives the ‘80s in front of crowds […]

The Aquarian

Rubix Kube: The Eighties Strike Back Show – A Tribute To David “Z” Zablidowsky “Rubix Kube: The Eighties Strike Back Show, featuring mighty Trixter guitarist Steve Brown, will be hitting up Irving Plaza in New York City on Friday, July 28. They will be paying tribute to their fallen bandmate, David “Z” Zablidowsky (Adrenaline Mob), […]

Brick Patch

Fans Of Rubix Kube Mourning Band Co-Founder David Z, Killed In Florida Crash “The ’80s tribute band is scheduled to perform Aug. 23 at Brick’s SummerFest. David Z also was the bassist for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.” To read the entire article click HERE.

NY Daily News

Blues Traveler frontman John Popper sends local band on wild harmonica hunt “Talk about a ‘Run-Around’. It would seem that if you’re Grammy-winning Blues Traveler singer John Popper, you’d travel with a harmonica . .” To read the entire article click HERE.

Just A Rock N Roll Junkie

Trixter And Tokyo Motor Fist’s Steve Brown “Start right off and tell us how you, Ted (Poley,) Greg (Smith) and Chuck (Burgi) got together and formed Tokyo Motor Fist . .” To read the entire article click HERE.

The KUBE in “Bon Jovi: The Story” biography!

In author Brian Reesman’s deep & rich historical account of Bon Jovi, there’s a special section on bands that tribute their legendary music. RUBIX KUBE is featured via an interview with our leading lady, Cherie. Here’s a glimpse of the page: See the video of David Bryan rocking out with us HERE! Buy Brian Reesman’s […]